About Us

arch.e.vie (ark-a-vee) n. Architectural design that enhances life. [from latinarchitecture + French vie “life”]

Marcia Becker

Growing up in North Carolina, architect Marcia Becker developed a deep appreciation of the traditional homes of the rural south. She moved to Colorado to work as a geophysicist until returning to school for a master’s degree in architecture at the University of Colorado Denver, where she graduated at the top of her class and as the AIA Gold Medallist.

After 15 years as a residential architect and partner at Westwind Architecture, Marcia opened Archevie Design in 2007.

With almost twenty years experience in designing custom homes and remodels, Marcia strives to create homes that are very livable while reflecting the owner’s personal style. Her other interests include home and landscaping projects and exploring the rivers and canyons of Colorado and Utah.